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Your digital vault for sensitive information.


FromHereAfter can help


FromHereAfter is
your insurance


Your insurance against
forgetting passwords.


Your insurance against not having access to the accounts
of your parents after they passed away.


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Store your secret or passwords. We will keep it safe, only accessible by you.


Confirm that you are alive

We will ask you each month to confirm that you are still alive and sane.


If something happens to you

When longer than a month no confirmation is received by us, a mail will be sent to the person you have mentioned as a trusted recipient. This person can then use the information to handle any affairs that need information that only you possessed.

Why do I need it?

‘It's a vexing, and increasingly common problem for families mourning the loss of loved ones. As more and more people move their lives, address books, calendars, financial information, online, they are taking a risk that some information formerly filed away in folders and desks might never be recovered. That is, unless they share their passwords, which poses security threats…’


Consider this

‘I will always deny that I had an affaire with the neighbour from nextdoor, when I am dead, I don’t care anymore…’

‘The unexpected death of the owner of Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange has left £145 million of cryptocurrency locked in a digital wallet to which he reportedly had the only password.’


  • Recieve a notification when it's time to confirm alive.
  • After a month we will remind you every day for a week so no information gets disclosed on accident.
  • Activate or deactivate your account whenever you want.

Our Personal Story

Why did we create FromHereAfter?

Short answer: COVID.
Longer answer: my son was 18 year old (now 19). He just graduated from high school without even having to take the final exams. What to do next? Go to university? And follow online classes from a room in a town where he hardly knows anybody yet? Not an appealing outlook.
At the same time he worried about his grandparents. What if covid happened to them? His grandmother herself, she was worried that when her husband ended up in an intensive care unit, that she would not know what to do. She did not know the password of the computer and would have no idea how and where to find names and addresses of all the contacts of her husband.

This gave me a purpose. I would offer a solution for people like my mother in these uncertain times.

Now the app is here. My dad has put his password and instructions in his account in the app. My mother feels less worried now.

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Endless Possibilities

You do not have to store a real secret or password, you can also store just a clue. As long as the person who is your trusted recipient understands the clue. You could also invent your own 2factor authentication: write down the password of the computer and tell the location of the passwordmanager you are using, but store the password of the passwordmanager for someone else.