How does it work?

Simpel and Safe

What would you do if your mother or father suddenly passed away and you would not know their crucial information like the password of their bank account?

FromHereAfter stores your passwords and secrets. We will ask you each month to confirm that you are still alive and sane. In the situation that you are not able to indicate that you are still alive, this password (or secret, or story) will be sent to the person (email address) you have entered as a trusted person in the app. This person can then take care of any things they may want to handle. Don't worry about accidentaly disclosing your secrets. You still have a week after the month and we will remind you every day.


Store a password and store who you trust with this password.
Never worry again that when something happens to you, your loved ones would not know where to find the keys and passwords that others would need.
Get friendly reminders (An email and a notification on your phone) to make sure your secrets and trusted recipient information is still up-to-date.

Signing up

Signing up is free. Signing up means that you will be able to store a message, secret or password on this website. As long as you confirm you are still alive, your message stays with us. We will send this message to the email address you have entered when you are not able to confirm that you are alive. No information you share on this app will be shared with anyone other than you or the person that you mention to us.

Endless Possibilities

You do not have to store a real secret or password, you can also store just a clue. As long as the person who is your trusted recipient understands the clue. You could also invent your own 2factor authentication: write down the password of the computer and tell the location of the passwordmanager you are using, but store the password of the passwordmanager for someone else.

FromHereAfter is your insurance.
Your insurance against forgetting passwords.
Your insurance against not having passwords of the accounts and computers of your parents after they passed away.

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